Location, Accommodation & Staff in Espinho (Portugal Chapter)

The Academia de Música de Espinho may well be proud of his work on behalf of music, both as an educational institution, as a diffuser of musical culture in the City and the Region. Bivalence This action is responsible for the formation of some current values ​​of national music and the musical component of the training of thousands of young people who, unlike our education system, not seen in musical practice a simple luxury, but an integral and fundamental part education of the individual, and also by boosting espinhense population for the enjoyment of musical activity in its various facets .


Founded by Professor Mário Neves in 1961, with exemplary and enthusiastic support of then Mayor Mr. Manuel Baptista, a time of musical pioneering at the provincial level, the Academy, plucking a few dozen students and some teachers, gone developing the teaching of musical disciplines within the framework of the official program of the Conservatory of Music while promoting concerts and auditions. In this context, has carried out since 1964, the Summer Music Festivals that brought to Thorn for the first time, renowned domestic and foreign artists and groups , but developed initiative and that today is the International Music Festival in Espinho, one of the most prestigious classical music festivals in Portugal .



In 1989, as a promoter, created the Professional School of Music Thorn who went to teach two courses virtually nonexistent until then - Practice and Orchestral Percussion - having secured a outstanding role in the training of musicians in Portugal.


Since 1988 is pedagogically responsible for "Speech and Music Education in Schools of the 1st cycle of basic education in the municipality of Espinho" program that promotes in collaboration with the City of Espinho, pioneering national initiative, which allows all children of the 1st Basic Education cycle access to musical activities in school they attend.


In carrying out its activities, the Academy of Music Thorn receives annual support from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Thorn. In 2007 he was granted pedagogical autonomy .

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to introduce you the wonderful staff of the:
Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho


Top Part

Laurinda Santos (AS), Jonas Pinho (PT), Manuel Cunha (PT), André Gomes (PT), Cândida Vidrago (AS), Maria do Céu Pereira (AS), Liliana Silva (AS), Alexandra Coelho (AS)


Bottom Part

Rosário Maia (AS), Santana Rocha (PT)






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