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Federica Righini and Riccardo Zadra are both pianists, concert artists and teachers at the Academy of Music of Vicenza. Their research began in the ’90 with the study of the most prestigious European piano schools and through the deepening of the instrumental technique physiological aspects.  Afterwards, they explored different personal growth paths, from the systemic and Jungian analysis to psychophysical disciplines such as the Feldenkrais method, Postural Integration, Bioenergetics, Rebirthing and numerous meditation techniques. 


They achieved the Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner certified by NLP Society of Richard Blander and attended courses with Richard Blander and Antony Robbins. This training allowed them to integrate all their different experiences into an effective and easy communicable model, which represents one of the main strengths of their work.They are also authorised masters of Avatar®, a course that explores creative mechanisms of conscience.

In order to promote and develop their research, in 1997 they founded the International Piano Academy of Padova.


In 2001 they began to expand their work in order to make it available also to other instrumentalists, singers, and orchestra and chorus conductors. By the name of “Psychophysiology of the musical performance”, their research became in 2004 an officially approved course by the University Ministry and has been introduced in first – second level courses of Italian Academies of Music.

Since then, more then 1,500 classical and jazz musicians have successfully participated in their courses.


In 2010 Curci Edition published their book Maestro di te stesso, a unique book in the Italian publishing, which since its first release was an unheralded success, recording sold out in just one week.




Federica Righini, Riccardo Zadra


Maestro di te stesso

(Master yourself)


A path of awareness through the various aspects of musical performance


Federica Righini and Riccardo Zadra, both professional pianists and music teachers, for more then 20 years have been conducting extensive research on the main discipline of bodywork and proprioceptive self-awareness, and on the most important pathways for personal growth, in particular Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), in order to apply their methods and strategies to musical performance.

Their unique and original approach provides musicians efficacious tools to expand their creative resources and to achieve a higher level of awareness of their potential.


Through many practical experiences and exercises participants will discover how to:


- expand attention and concentration;

- handle emotions in order to exceed the typical performance anxiety;

- work on physical attitudes, posture and breathing in order to achieve an higher energy

  level and a better connection with musical flow

- expand his/her technical potential towards proprioceptive self-awareness

- change automatic patterns and practice in a more effective and creative way;

- enhance the energy of personal motivation and commitment 


Date: 01th - 03th August

MASTER CLASS FEE: Active 35 € - Passive 30 €


LOCATION: Academia Musica Espinho - Rua 34, nº 884 - 4500-318 Espinho, Portugal


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