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Welcome to Giuseppe BERLEN's Class


Giuseppe Berlen

He was born in Bari in 1965. He taught jazz and pop drums at the first and second level Academic and Higher Education courses at the Conservatories of Alessandria, Bari, Cosenza, Cesena, Fermo, Pescara, Sassari and Trieste, and it is currently professor of jazz drums and percussion at the "N. Piccinni" Conservatory of Music in Bari.

He was professor of percussion instruments at the S.M.S "G. Bianco - G. Pascoli" of Fasano. He carries out an intense didactic activity, has to his credit the publication of a series of treaties and conducts Masters on drums at important academic institutions. He has participated in numerous productions and recordings on behalf of Sony, Velut Luna, Spash, Sorriso, CMC, Dodicilune, Zetema, Egea, Le Vie dei Suoni, collaborating with world-famous musicians and participating in important International Festivals. He has published numerous publications, articles and columns for specialized national magazines. He has won numerous prizes and awards, and in December 2014 he was honored with the title of "Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic", for having spread art and culture to children through music.


With over thirty active records he has collaborated with various labels and editions:

CMC, Sony, Splash, Velut Luna, Egea, Twelve Moons, EMI, Rai cinema, Warner Music.

He has collaborated with international musicians of the caliber of:Roberto Ottaviano, Evan Parker, Flavio Boltro, Ettore Fioravanti, Tino Tracanna, Tommaso Lama, Glenn Ferris, Steve Lacy, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Schiaffino, Pino

Minafra, Gianluigi Trovesi, Paolo Fresu, Pierre Favre, Attilio Zanchi, Roberto Cippelli, Paolo Damiani , Andy J. Forest, Maurizio Giammarco, Mario Raia, Joy Garrison, Cristal White, Bruno De Filippi, Franco Cerri, Shikisha, Kanlynda Mukalà, Young Angels, Pierre Amoya'l, Sara J. Morris, Luis Bakalov, Ulyses Passarella, Nicola Stilo, Gigi Proietti, Teresa De Sio, Igor Ioussim, Yuri Aischitz, Eugenio Bennato, Gorian Kuzminac, Enzo Gragnagnello, Pietra Montecorvino, Barbara Casini, Cherely Porter, Luciano Biondini, Paul McCandless, Ernst Reijseger, John Tchicai, Mark Bernstein, Jan Gunnarhoff , William Parker, Steve Potts, Gabriele Mirabassi.


Other national and international festivals to be reported are:

Siena jazz (Siena), Allthat fusion (Bari), Mediterranean noise (Roccella ionica), Time in Jazz (Berchidda), Europa Festival (Noci), Jazz or true jazz (Naples), Europe of visible sounds Jazz in 'it (Vignola Gravina), Castel dei Mondi (Andria), Gezziamoci 98 (Matera), World Food Concert (Colosseum - Rome), Inner Castle International Theater, International review of the city of Argos (Greece), Rome meets the World (Villa Ada - Rome ), Cosmopolis International Festival (Kavàla) Thessaloniki - Greece, International festival of Athens, Caserta Festival, Festival of the Peoples (Bari), Mediterranean Festival (Andria), Bilbao Festival (Spain), Cison jazz (Treviso), Jazz Festival of New Gorica, Veneto Jazz (Venice), Mantova Festival (Mantova), jazz festival of Tremezzo (Como), Gorizia Jazz Festival, Sea of ​​Jazz (Mola di Bari), Panic jazz club (Marostica), Musiculturita Summer Jazz, BeatOnto jazz festival, Otranto Jazz Festival, Multicultural Jazz Festival, Kantun Winka Festival, per cita some.

Radio and television footage to report: Rai Tre, Rai Due, Tele + two, Radio 1, Radio Capodistria, Radio Montecarlo, Radionorba, Telenorba, Rai International, Radio International, Radio of Italian Switzerland, Rai 5, Radio 2, Raisat, Radio 3.



• Cymbal, accompaniment and styles. Brief analysis of the cymbal of the most important drummers of the tradition.


• Comping and feathering.


• Rudiments in jazz, applied according to tradition


• Brushes, technique and evolution


• Improvisation, styles and solo approach, call & response and permutation of sentences.


Date: June 1st, 6pm



CLINIC: FREE  (only for all competitors and participants at the master classes).


*IMPORTANT: The registration fee of € 25.00, for those enrolled in more than one master class, will have to be paid only once.


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