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World Percussion Movement 2021

Academy, Festival & Competitions

  September 6th - 11th


Summary Calendar



September 6th - 11th

Free Clinics & Concerts

Marco PACASSONI, Rosario GIOENI,  Francesco MERENDA, Filippo PELLEGRINI.

Masterclasses September 6th - 11th



Participants in the master classes are divided into two categories: Active and Passive. The number of Active participants is according to the date on which the inscriptions are received.

At the conclusion of the master classes, each participant will receive a certificate. The most successful participants will have the chance to take part in the final concerts.


Applications and payment

Fill in the application form online and pay the application FEE (Please refer to each artist page) by bank transfer or postal order.

The application FEE that you have already paid is non-refundable and is necessary if you want to have the possibility to be selected for the master class. Note, an application is only valid upon the receipt of the payment of the FEE.

Payable to:

Cooperativa San Marino Artist arl

Piazza di Sopra, 23 47893 Borgo Maggiore - Repubblica di San Marino

Banca di San Marino, via O. Scarito, 68 47893 Borgo Maggiore - Repubblica di San Marino 


IBAN: SM14I0854009805000050159888


The enrollment will be confirmed only after having received the application fee. The fee will not be refunded in case of withdrawal. Refunds will be paid only if the class is cancelled by the organizers. The confirmation letter of the enrollment will be sent after having received the deposit. The rest of the course fee must be paid in full before August 15th, 2021.


Application deadline: August 15th, 2021. After this date, applications will be possible only if there are places available.

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