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First Studied music at Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho, before joining Rotterdam Conservatory in 1993, having gone to graduate from ESMAE.


Worked as a guest artist with Orquestra Gulbenkien, Régie Sinfonia, ONP, OSP, and Orquestra do Norte. Has also studied popular Brazilian music and Theatre Percussion. Gives Workshops on percussion and Cajon Afro- Peruvian and Flamenco in festivals like TOMARIMBANDO, ANDANÇAS.


Created the Rubbish with Rhythm workshop, which toured throughout the country (Portugal).


Currently teaching at Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho and Conservatório de Música do Porto. As part of Education Service of Casa da Música do Porto, he has been Involved in workshops such as Urban Rhythm, Syllable Drums, Nouvelle Cuisine and Sheik of Shakers. 




The ALVES's Master Class is one of the master classes within the World Percussion Movement "Summer Academy" 2014, which combines individual and group lectures. The programme of the master class can be partly chosen by participants, soloist repertoire and also music for ensembles or orchestral excerpts, which are part of each audition. There is a huge emphasis on the technique, sound and interpretation. Participants and professor discuss various traditions and styles of playing snare drum and percussion, acoustics, as well as the importance of tuning. The class is targeted at participants who wish to deepen the aspects of snare technique in contemporary repertoire. The Works will be chosen based on the level of the participants, and will soon be published on our site. The scores choices will be sent to participants in a timely manner in order to provide participants with the necessary time to be able to study and get a profitable organization during rehearsals.


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Date: 29th July – 30th July



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