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Welcome to Ludwig ALBERT's class

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Ludwig Albert

Internationally highly acclaimed as a virtuoso and devoted pedagogue, Ludwig Albert belongs throughout the world as Belgian leading marimbist and pioneer with the absolute topflight and is profiled as one of the most successful marimbists and pedagogues of his generation. After obtaining a first prize percussion, the superior Diploma percussion and his master-degree specialisation marimba, he shaped his talent as first Belgian marimbist with Keiko Abe in Tokyo-Japan, and performed with her starting 1996 several concert productions such as: 'Keiko Abe plays Keiko Abe' (1996 Belgium), 'Ludwig Albert in concert' (Osaka-Japan 1996), 'Keiko Abe charity gala concert' (1996 Japan), Belgium Tour: 'Dialogue in Nature/ K.Abe & L.Albert in concert'-1997 & 2000, Japan Tour: 'Dialogue in Nature'-1997.. 
Starting 1995, he searched for new sound-combinations and founded his duo ‘Patrasche’ with the combination of marimba and voice.  As true pioneers of this unique combination, they developed a style of their own and could inspire nowadays several artists and composers to create new music for this strength. They mainly perform Albert’s own compositions, creations and improvisations, all based on traditional folksongs.

Their musical combination evokes a fascinating world. They received abroad outstanding critics for their first album “Japanese Impressions” and were regular guests of dedicated radio-broadcastings & festivals. After their second album with “Impressions of the low-countries”, they will release their next label album “Ardor“with selected songs from Spain & Mexico during autumn 2013.

In 1996, he founded the organisation “marimba-Projects”to develop the marimba by organizing marimba-events & pedagogical projects.  He founded in 2001 the “Universal Marimba Competition & Festival of Belgium” and is related as artistic director to this prestigious event, the Keiko Abe Int. Marimba Academy, the Ludwig Albert Int. Marimba Summer Academy and the Flanders Marimba ensemble. He created and founded with the aid of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Europe's largest Art faculty) a Marimba department offering Europe’s first official marimba master degree. Helping to drive this program is the Ludwig Albert pioneering Movement Method designed to reach an ultimate sound and musicality.  Showered with several tittles, he recorded 9 label-albums: Japanese Impressions, Marimba paraphrases, marimba dances, Impressions of the Low Countries, marimba Christmas fantasy, Marimba Waves, Marimba Selections, Global Marimba & Ardor with mainly own works, arrangements, improvisations and first-recordings of masterworks and dedicated compositions. Recently he signed up with an American label and will release 4 new albums during 2011-2012.

He appeared over a decade as Yamaha artist. From 2011 he’s is related as Adams endorser and assisted in the construction of the signature Ludwig Albert concert model released by the Adams Company from January 2011. This honour is for the first time presented to a European marimbist. He astonished his audience by playing in première the marimba with 8 mallets and is using as first marimbist special designed decors and light-direction during his audio-visual productions to attract a larger audience. Over a decade he performed several Int. tours as a soloist and with the cooperation of significant guest artists, ensembles & orchestras and is receiving invitations Worldwide as a regular guest to perform concerts and master classes at significant festivals and universities in Belgium, Spain, France, Argentine, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, USA, China, Taiwan, Slovenia, Netherlands, Korea, Hong-Kong, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Uruguay  etc…He ‘s related as titular professor of the marimba department at the Royal Conservatoire of Music Antwerp and at the Leuven University College of Arts - Lemmens institute. He’s guest professor of the “Universidad Nac. del Artes” in Chiapas, doctorandus at the University Antwerp and serves as president and founder of the Percussive Arts Society- chapter Belgium. From 2012, he's appointed as artistic director of the international marimba festival Russia and as advisory of the committee and charger in the percussion division of the international Brass competition in Je-ju, Korea. He appeared abroad as jury member at international Competitions in Russia, Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, and Lithuania....  

For his celebration of 10 & 15 years career, he released a new double album 'Global Marimba', appeared in a Belgian mass production with more then 15.000 spectators and performed in 2006 a sold out Belgian concert tour  ('Ludwig Albert & guests-a decade') and a sold out Russian tour with a new production Orient Express. This newest successful production got an item on the Russian National TV news. During 2012-2013 he will celebrate 20 years career with 4 new CD albums , the world-première of 3 new concerto's including his own new double concerto, academies, festival presentations and special concert productions in Korea, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, China, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Croatia. He developed in several countries such as Russia and Mexico a true marimba culture and achieved acknowledge as a celebrated star & pinoeer. His total repertory is published and distributed worldwide by Beurskens music editions NL, Sviitzer edition DK and edition Dhalmann FR. His signature mallet line is produced by Innovative Percussion USA. Well-known as one of the rare outstanding lyrical performers and praised by his unique warm sound, he's honoured with several awards such as the percussion award of honour 2001, and is praised by International media & press with critics, often described on major broadcasts and printings, such as:

 -refined variegated compositions, excellent sensitive virtuoso performance, extra ordinary clarity,El Belga L.Albert- un gran maestro del Mundo, hearing Mr Albert’s performance: you will never lose the sound of the marimba,un musicien sans vanité, his sound penetrates into the heart so naturally, his play will keep touching our hearts forever, Belgian artist at the top in the marimba-world, tremendous popular marimbist performs with 8 mallets, excellent marimbist of the new generation, this is music of the purest water, L.A. succeeds in giving the listener a view of the marimba’s prowess as a lyrical instrument and diminishing its reputation being only a novelty instrument, one of world’s best rising marimba-player, impressing- the overall excellence and superb musicianship of L.A.,-Es uno de los exponentes lideres en toda Europa, Albert is a rising star among marimba-performers worldwide, Albert’s Yamaha marimba sounds very warm and even throughout its register, Albert evokes through his marimba the sound of nature, LA begeisterte mit virtuositàt und theatralischer expressivitàt, extraordinario musico, Siberia melts for L. Albert, His compositions are expressive and flashy, a demonstration of technical and expressive skills, contrasting techniques and colours intrigues the audiences,Magico concierto, marimbista del mundo.Siberia melts for L .Albert, extraordinario musico, the Pantani of the marimba, European superstar of the marimba.


The Percussion Master Class is one of the master classes within the World Percussion Movement "Academy, Competition & Festival" 2021, which combines individual and group lectures. The program of the master class can be partly chosen by participants, soloist repertoire and also music for ensembles or orchestral excerpts, which are part of each audition. There is a huge emphasis on the technique, sound and interpretation. Participants and professor discuss various traditions and styles of playing marimba and set-up.

Date: 7 - 8  Septembre




LOCATION: Repubblica di San Marino


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