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2nd International ONLINE Marimba, Vibraphone, Timpani, Percussion & Snare Drum, Drum Set Competitions 2021

Opening: WPM Academy Competition & Festival 2021
Marimba - Timpani - Vibraphone - Percussion - Snare Drum - Drum Set - Youth Percussion
Follow up the results of all instruments and rounds from 20 till 25 September.
Support all candidates from around the world and watch the Final Round & proclamation video streaming: 26 September from 18h00 till 21h00.
Wishing the best luck to all the candidates.



Jury - Artists & Committee

The juries will be formulated every day of the individual rounds, and the members will be announced on the day of the competition.

  • Tanasit SIRIPANICHWATTANA (T) President's of the Snare Drum Jury

  • Nanae MIMURA (JP)

  • Seung-Myeong OH (ROK)

  • Danilo MAGGI

  • Francesco D'ANIELLO (IT)

  • A representatives of the Federazione Italiana Compositori (CEMAT) will be announced and will takes part in the Final Round.

Venues of Competition & Festival


All festival concerts and competition rounds are located in Repubblica of San Marino, in the historical venues in the center of the city, all offering the best and natural acoustic quality. 


Judging criteria
Each judge will evaluate during all rounds the competitors on a number of criteria (such as score's coherence, interpretation, phrasing, technique, presence, dynamic range, performance) and will assign a combined score. The highest and lowest given score will be deleted. The others scores will then be averaged and the total average score of all rounds will determine further ranking and final award. All awards and prizes will be awarded unless the jury determine that the quality of the competitors performance does not warrant a prize/award. Candidates agree to accept the jury decisions and to respect the rules of the Competition. 


The competitor(s) send in all application documents by Email before the deadline of August 15th, 2021: 
1. The signed application form.
2. A copy of current passport or identity card. 
3. One high quality head shot photo (solo).
4. A short curriculum vitae in English.
5. A copy of the bank receipt documenting the application fee. 

Video material - YouTube links 

The competitor(s) send in by Email a list with the YouTube links of all rounds video recording without cuts before the deadline of September 11th, 2021.

  • These YouTube links will be listed and used for the International jury evaluation. 

  • The list includes, as an alternative of a live concert, the YouTube links, grouped by each Competition round, and  performed and recorded in one session (same location and date).

  • All  YouTube links need to be subtitled with: WPMAC&F 2021 / full name & competition round. 

  • It is allowed to send past done recordings, posted video's or releases. 

  • There are no specific acoustic requirements for the none edited recordings;

  • All candidates can realize their recordings at own ability. It is important however to have a most optimal acoustic recording without mixing and to set up the instruments with a clear overview of the performer(s) and if possible to add video slices of your name(s) and tittles of performed works. 

  • It is allowed to cut the recording only at the end of each movement. For example, if a piece has three movements (allegro, lento, andante) you can make two cuts, 1 between the allegro and the lento, 2 between the lento and the andante.If the piece has no more movements, no cuts will be accepted.

  • No audio editing or cutting of the performance is allowed.

  • The overall performance of the pieces performed in the different rehearsals, may be recorded at different times.

  • Recording of the pieces/movements, may also be done at different times and places.

IMPORTANT: the video recording must be made by a single fixed camera, single shot.

  • Video link 1: The Qualification round 

  • Video link 2: The Final round                                                     

Registration fee 

International Marimba/Vibraphone/Timpani/Snare Drum/Percussion/Drum Set: 50 Euro

Youth Percussion: €30,00


Registration fee has to be paid before the deadline of August 15th, 2021 by bank transfer in order to guarantee your participation. Bank cheque will not be allowed. The entry fee is not refundable regardless the outcome of the Competition and should be transferred net (excluding transfer costs) to the bank account below, indicated by your name, Competition 2021 and your competition registration number. Notice that applications will be cancelled if the transfer is not done. Inform us any changes of your contact address and/or Email address. Your application can be cancelled in case the organization is not able to reach you due to occurring changes.

IBAN: IT97 Q030 6909 6061 0000 0166 975


Broadcast rights
The competition reserves the right to broadcast live, record and videotape all rounds. The applicants grant the organization the right to make use of photos, biographical information as well as recording copyright. 


Associazione Musicale "Sequenze"  
Contact: Via Ada Negri 15, 70129 Bari - Italia 

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