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Rosario Gioeni, percussionist and marimbist, was born in Catania on November 22, 1985. He has showed strong interest in music from the age of 3. He began his studies at an early age and, at only 11 years old, he started playing with well-known jazz musicians. Among them, it is important to mention Franco Cerri, Gianni Basso and Romano Mussolini.


In 1997 he was admitted into the class of percussion at the “Istituto Musicale Vincenzo Bellini" in Catania. In 1999 he joined the “Percussio Mundi" group, founded and directed by M° Giovanni Caruso. 


The “Percussio Mundi" group used to perform at the “Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” Theatre in Catania (usually the "Ionisation" piece for 13 percussionists by Edgar Varese). In the year 2000, the same group recorded a CD entitled "Intorno a Bellini".


Between 2002 and 2003, Rosario Gioeni attended a course directed by Mike Quinn, who allowed him to further improve his skills with the Drum and the Percussion Orchestra.



The RODRIGUES's Master Class is one of the master classes within the World Percussion Movement "Summer Academy" 2014, which combines individual and group lectures. The class is targeted at participants who wish to deepen the aspects of music for marimba in contemporary repertoire. The Works in the repertoire will be chosen based on the level of the participants, and will soon be published on our site. 


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